Cast & Filmmakers

 Director & Producer
Mark Ashmore

Victoria Connett

Sophie Mercer

Ian Curley

Clay Whitter

 Story By
Mark Ashmore

Screenplay by 
Dean Lines & Ray Bogdanovich
Mark Ashmore and Ian Curley

Co-Producer – 1st Assistant Director
Sarah Lee Jones

Executive Producer – Digital Manager
Robert Humar

Pre/Post Production Co-ordinator / Assistant Producer / Editor
Joanna Pomfret

Camera Operator
Hannah Searle

Editor / Camera Operator / First Assistant Director
Matthew Singh

Editor / Camera Operator / Graphics
Chris Owen

Camera Operator / Production Assistant
Sophie Broadgate

Audio Editing and Foley / Audio Mastering
George Roberts

Executive Producer
Victoria Connett

Additional Camera

Camera Operators

Mariusz Scislowicz
James McDonald
Sophie Broadgate
Sam Twyman
Ric Brookes

Production Assistants

Phillip Russell
Sophie Broadgate


Location Sound Recordists

Kyle-Martyn Clarke
Martin Solomonsen
Enos Desjardins

Audio Design and Audio Mix

George Roberts

Special Effects

Sam Highfield  Visual Effects Superviser

Alice Shaw    Visual Effects Trainee


Megan Clough         Make-up Artist

Art Dept

Ben Tallon    Art Director

Danny Alison Photographer

Mike Visagie Photographer

‘Ruled Poem’

Video by Meat Cassette

Poem by Dirty Freud

Original Music Score by


Copyright Dirty Freud and Quenched Music

All Tracks Composer Dirty Freud

Record label R.O.A.M Recordings

Carla Freeman          Future Artists Publicity


Victoria Connett       SJ

Sophie Mercer                      Blair

Mark Gera     Quincy

Ian Curley      Kaiser

Clay Whitter  Doug

Barry Phillips            Sgt Davies

Danny Ryder   Bosnian Butcher

Paul Irwin      Runner / Mole

Paul Newbery           Director

Gemma Deerfield   Reality Tv Director

David Robertson     Cameraman

Rick Carter    Sound guy

Kelly Efthymiou        Lawyer

Laura Littlewood      Tara Malone

Jermaine Curtis Liburd      Tyson Brown

Nathan Head            Banker

Jenna Throsby         Hostage

Barry Evans  Pauly

Unknown Lair

James Wilkes

 Jane Mcconnel

Laura Crouch

Jessica Crouch

Sid Holmes

Sean Kennedy

Ben Tallon

Jodine Toone

Alfie Kenwood

Hit Squad

Phillip Mulhern

Helen Batchelor

Maia Terra

Bradley Hughes

John McLoughlin     Geeky Male Intern

Victoria Fairbrother  Sophie Contestant

Eliza Tuturman         Production Office Worker

Lola Chuniaud                     Production Office Worker

Lane Paul Stewart   Production Office Worker

Amanda Kavanagh Hart     Production Office Worker

Amir Rahimzadeh   Production Office Worker

Natalie O’Leary        Production Office Worker

Matthew Hulse         Security Guards

Neil Carter    Security Guards

Chelsea Edge          Receptionist

Ben Tallon    Agent 1

Danni Skerritt           Agent 2

Sean Kennedy         Agent 3

Mathew Nicholls      Violent Youth 1

Dan Alderley             Violent Youth 2

Niamh Seery            Violent Youth 3

Simon Vint    Violent Youth 4

Daniel Beet   Violent Youth 5

Paul Green   Drug Dealer

David Plant   Hobo

George Roberts       Studio crew member 2

Megan Clough         Make up artist 1

Curt Milner    SJ escort 1

Tony Augustine        SJ escort 2

Barry Phillips            Driver 1

Hannah Searle        Driver 2

Sue Hodgkinson     Quincy’s receptionist

Scott McGee             Lookout

Danny Brown ‘ Point Break’ – Unknown Camera Op


Via Polease – Chris Hipkiss


William Phillips

Steve Reid

Andy Tea

Ken Birch

John Walker

Additional roles of note

Matt Singh     Crew member extra

Joanna Pomfret       Crew member – Unknown member extra

Chris Owen  Camera Operator extra

Martin Solomonsen            Audio extra

Mark Ashmore – Victim

Location Contacts

And a big thank you to

The Sharp Project – Manchester

John Mariner

Tom Clarke

Sue Woodward OBE

Rose Marley

Black Lion – Chapel Street, Salford

Futureworks via Richard Hellawell

Spinningfields via Jane Wright

Lowry outlet mall via Sophie Hinchliffe

Hilton Hotel via Armand Wysocki

Stockport College via Andrew Percival

Soap factory via Canning O’Neil

Filmed in Salford and Manchester, England, 2013


Provision       James Jones and Stuart Grant

ELP – Darren Fletcher

LOGISTICS – Barry Phillips

CAR HIRE via Michelle Hurne

COSTUME SUPPLY Chris Hipkiss at Polease

Casting Directors    Lee Mountjoy

George Roberts

Special thanks

Kevin Macleod “Welcome to the show by Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0




Crowd Funders

James Wilkes

Karen Knott

John Catterall

Mark Brown

Tim Parkinson

Ben Tallon

Producer would like to thank

Mary Ashmore

Stephen Ashmore

Paul Ashmore

Elaine Ashmore

Ian Brown      InfocusTV

Ted Hope and Manuel Cristobal

And to all those that supported us along the way

Copyright Future Artists Ltd 2013